Finn and Jake
Universe Adventure Time
Debut Slumber Party Panic (2010)
Availability Unlockable
Tier 0 (0)

Finn and Jake are the main protagonists of the series Adventure Time.



Ground Moves


Neutral - Finn does two sword slashes, and Jake then headbutts.

Running - Finn lunges forward with a front flip, then slams his sword down in-front of him.

Side - Finn stabs with his sword.

Up - Jake punches upwards.

Down - Jake does a short sliding kick.

Charged Moves

Side - Jake PAWNCH: Jake charges, then extends his arm outward with an enlarged fist.

Up - Finn does an upward angled spinning kick, launching himself in upward at the same angle.

Down - Jake Slam: Jake slams the ground on either side of him with enlarged fists, attacking at both sides.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Jake spins around Finn, attacking at both sides mid-air.
  • Side Aerial - Finn kicks forward.
  • Up Aerial - Jake turns his hand into a hammer and hits above him mid-air.
  • Down Aerial - Finn slices downwards with his sword.

Special Moves

Neutral: BMO
Finn pulls out BMO who launches a pixelated version of different attacks including:

  • A fire ball which gives fire damage to the opponent.
  • A lightning bolt which shocks and stuns the opponent.
  • An icicle which freezes the opponent.

Side: Jake Stretch
Jake seems to shrink vertically, then stretches outward forward. If he hits an enemy or a ledge, he drags himself to them with Finn hanging on. Works as an tether recovery.

Up: Jake Spring
Jake grabs Finn and changes his legs into a spring and launches himself upwards. A recovery move.

Down: Card Wars
Jake tosses down a Card Wars card, summoning the Ancient Scholar. It will read from a book, healing Finn.

Punch Time Explosion - Souls of a thousand party demons: Jake begins to glow and his eyes change into stars that wildly change colors. He floats upwards and the enemy characters are seen being forced to do different dances while Jake himself dances in the background. This allows Finn to attack opponents while they uncontrollably dances.


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