aka Toni Leppänen

  • I live in The Multiverse (alongside LeeHatake93)
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is LEGO Dimensions' Mario Hoper and Retro Video Game Fan
  • I am Male
  • Tonipelimies

    Robotboy (Fan Character)

    December 31, 2016 by Tonipelimies

    Robotboy is the main protagonist of the Robotboy series.

    You have a special gauge when playing as Robotboy. Your move uses a certain amount of batteries life; if you completely runs out of batteries life, Robotboy will shut down and turn into his deactive form for 10 seconds. Though, the batteries will refill overtime. The down taunt will recharge it more quickly.

    Neutral - Robotboy punches twice, then kicks.

    Running - Robotboy tackles.

    Side - Robotboy does a headbutt.

    Up - Robotboy does a uppercut.

    Down - Robotboy kicks while crouching.

    Side - Robotboy does a powerful punch.

    Up - Robotboy does a double kick upwards.

    Down - Robotboy does a breakdance, attacking at both sides.

    • Neutral Aerial - Robotboy headbutts mid-air.
    • Side Aerial - Robotboy punches…

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  • Tonipelimies

    Finn and Jake are the main protagonists of the series Adventure Time.

    Neutral - Finn does two sword slashes, and Jake then headbutts.

    Running - Finn lunges forward with a front flip, then slams his sword down in-front of him.

    Side - Finn stabs with his sword.

    Up - Jake punches upwards.

    Down - Jake does a short sliding kick.

    Side - Jake PAWNCH: Jake charges, then extends his arm outward with an enlarged fist.

    Up - Finn does an upward angled spinning kick, launching himself in upward at the same angle.

    Down - Jake Slam: Jake slams the ground on either side of him with enlarged fists, attacking at both sides.

    • Neutral Aerial - Jake spins around Finn, attacking at both sides mid-air.
    • Side Aerial - Finn kicks forward.
    • Up Aerial - Jake turns his hand into a…

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