Marzipan City is a city from the show Chowder. Chowder and his friends live and work there. It is a city whos, like the annocuer stated in the game, economy is based on food.

Punch Time ExplosionEdit

In PTE, Marzipan City is a series of stages for the Chowder level. Ben is transported to Marzipan City and hunts down Vilgax. After exploring the city, He soon meets Chowder in the kitchen who has been put under Vilgax's control. When Ben frees Chowder, he joins Ben into finding Mung. After exploring the rest of the city, Ben and Chowder fight Vilgax threating Mung and stop him from hurting him. Unfournatly Vilgax escapes and Ben and Chowder are forced to save Mung from Grappel Fruit, a fruit from Chowder that grabs people, and Forever Kights, a group of knight based villains that capture aliens and their technology.


  • Chowder
  • Mung
  • Shnitzel
  • Truffels
  • Grappel Fruit
  • Other citizens from Chowder


  • Marzipan City contains 2 fireplace puzzels but only 1 in the 3DS version
  • Truffels is one of the background characters as well as some citizens and police officers.
  • Vilgax's ships are seen in Marzipan City in the XL game but not the 3DS version
  • Destorable items in Marzipan City would be flower pots in the background and tables in the kitchen
  • This is the first location in story mode