Mac & Bloo
Universe Foster's
Debut House of Bloo's (2004)
Availability Starter
Tier 0 (0)



Ground MovesEdit


Neutral - Running - Up: - Bloo Bop - Bloo jumps off Mac's head. Down: -

Charged MovesEdit

Side - Up - Bloo flips Mac up into the air, harming enemies Down -

Aerial AttacksEdit

  • Neutral Aerial -
  • Side Aerial - Bloo Surfboard - Mac Surfes on Bloo. The moves propels the two forward.
  • Up Aerial -
  • Down Aerial -

Special MovesEdit

Punch Time Explosion: Bloonan the Barbarian- Bloo turns into Bloonan and plays his electric guitar,unleashing electrical volts which damage anyone caught in its "awesomeness".

Synergy: Peppermint Larry gives Mac and Bloo candy,which causes Mac to go hyper and attack anyone in his way.

External linksEdit

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