Universe Flapjack
Debut Flagship (2007)
Availability Starter
Tier 0 (0)



Air Neutral:
Air Side:
Air Up:
Air Down:

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Candy Throw
Side:Candy Cane Boomerang
Up: Flapjack Spin
Down: Counter Tickle - Flapjack chuckles to himself. When he is attacked while laughing, Flapjack will tickle his enemy while shouting "TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!"

Punch Time Explosion: Flapjack is dancing around when suddenly Eight-Armed-Willy shows up and attacks him. Flapjack dodges by jumping on top of the attacking arm. But the arm causes damage to anyone who's in front.

Synergy: Flapjack's synergy is Dee-Dee. Flapjack takes he's hand to her, asking to dance. Dee-Dee happily takes both of Flapjack's hand and they become a mini dancing tornado. The player moves around normally and damages anyone who crosses their path.

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