Universe Powerpuff Girls
Debut Whoopass Stew! − The Whoopass Girls! in: A Sticky Situation (1994)
Availability Starter
Tier 0 (0)

Buttercup is the toughest fighter



Ground MovesEdit


Neutral - Running - Up - Down -

Charged MovesEdit

Side - Up - Down -

Aerial AttacksEdit

  • Neutral Aerial -
  • Side Aerial -
  • Up Aerial -
  • Down Aerial -

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Force Blast
Side: Flurry Kicks
Up: Rising Break
Down: Green Shockwave

Punch Time Explosion: Buttercup (at the same time flying), gets angry her fist go big and set on fire.She also punches at the same time and also say "This is gonna be good." or "you asked for it!"

Synergy:Buttercup's synergy is Major Glory. Buttercup picks up Major Glory and throws him, and anyone in his path will be hurt.

External linksEdit

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