Universe Powerpuff Girls
Debut Whoopass Stew! − The Whoopass Girls! in: A Sticky Situation (1994)
Availability Unlockable
Tier 0 (0)

Bubbles is the joy and the laughter



Ground MovesEdit


Neutral - Running - Up - Down -

Charged MovesEdit

Side - Up - Down -

Aerial AttacksEdit

  • Neutral Aerial -
  • Side Aerial -
  • Up Aerial -
  • Down Aerial -

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Sonic Screech
Side: Light dash
Up: Triple Beam
Down: Blue Twister

Punch Time Explosion: Beam Barrage -  Bubbles flies around and and uses her laser vision with multiple shots and does it for a while and usually cries "This is gonna be fun!" or "Wheeeeee!" and rarely, "we're the powerpuff girls! now what do we do".

Synergy: Bubbles's synergy is Eduardo. Bubbles shares a hug with Eduardo, after which she grabs his horns, and moves him around while shooting lasers.

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Born 2002