• Tonipelimies

    Robotboy (Fan Character)

    December 31, 2016 by Tonipelimies

    Robotboy is the main protagonist of the Robotboy series.

    You have a special gauge when playing as Robotboy. Your move uses a certain amount of batteries life; if you completely runs out of batteries life, Robotboy will shut down and turn into his deactive form for 10 seconds. Though, the batteries will refill overtime. The down taunt will recharge it more quickly.

    Neutral - Robotboy punches twice, then kicks.

    Running - Robotboy tackles.

    Side - Robotboy does a headbutt.

    Up - Robotboy does a uppercut.

    Down - Robotboy kicks while crouching.

    Side - Robotboy does a powerful punch.

    Up - Robotboy does a double kick upwards.

    Down - Robotboy does a breakdance, attacking at both sides.

    • Neutral Aerial - Robotboy headbutts mid-air.
    • Side Aerial - Robotboy punches…

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  • Tonipelimies

    Finn and Jake are the main protagonists of the series Adventure Time.

    Neutral - Finn does two sword slashes, and he then kicks forward.

    Running - Finn does a few slashes with his sword.

    Side - Finn does a roundhouse kick.

    Up - Finn performs a uppercut.

    Down - Jake appears and does a low swat with his hand.

    Side - Jake appears and extends his arm outward with an enlarged fist.

    Up - Jake appears and does a powerful uppercut with an enlarged fist.

    Down - Jake appears and turns his fist into a hammer before bringing it down.

    • Neutral Aerial - Finn does a slash with his sword.
    • Side Aerial - Jake appears and spins around with 2 giant fists.
    • Up Aerial - Finn slashes his sword in a half-circle rotation above him.
    • Down Aerial - Finn slams his sword downwards.


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    We need sone order

    December 26, 2013 by Strider Xanthos

    Seriously. This wikia is a dub. We need help.

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  • ElvisDitto

    This game shulda bin much bettererera caws of de characters it haz. Butt it falled into mediocracy, juss liek this statement.

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    Let's do this.

    June 6, 2013 by ElvisDitto

    Well, I love smash brothers, I love Cartoon Newtwrok, and I love editing Wikias. let's make this wikia good!

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  • SonictheHedgehogBoy200

    Disney Channel: Mass Destruction is a 2011 fighting video game developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by Cobra, Inc., for the PlayStation Vita. The game was released on July 4, 2013 in North America and in Europe on May 23, 2014. A port of the game for major game consoles (Wii U, Xbox 720, PlayStation 4) under the name Disney Channel: Mass Destruction XL was released in North America on August 31, 2013, and June 20, 2014, in Europe.

    Disney Channel: Mass Destruction is a fighting game which plays very similarly to the Super Smash Bros. series. Up to four players (human or CPU controlled) control a character and fight on a multi-tiered 2D stage. Players may use various items that appear randomly to get the fighting edge over their opponent.…

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  • SonictheHedgehogBoy200
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