Billy Mandy

Good-natured and a bit dopey, Billy's curiosity tends to get him into trouble he can't get out of by himself. Billy enjoys the company of Mandy and Grim and would do just about anything for them. Mandy is not afraid to share her opinion and usually gets what she wants through the sheer force of will. A creature of logic and order, Mandy loves power and control. Together, Billy and Mandy cause all kinds of mayhem and comedy in the town of Endsville and beyond. They commonly encounter supernatural creatures from the Underworld, mythological figures and magical artifacts, with hilarious results.


Billy's bat and Mandy's hammer Running:

Air Neutral:
Air Side:
Air Up:
Air Down:

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Snot Shot
Side: Irwin interruption
Up: Billy Spinner
Down: Paranormal Portal

Punch Time Explosion: Billy and Mandy transforms into their super forms and start fighting on stage. They collide with each other many times around causing explosions that damage your opponents. They keep their costumes till they get knocked out. This pte is a parody of the popular action anime, Dragonball Z.

Synergy: Cheese is their Synergy partner. Cheese and Billy scream to damage foes. Billy may occasionally say "DESTROY US ALL!!"

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