Young Ben
Universe Ben 10
Debut And then There were 10 (2005)
Availability Unlockable
Tier G (0)


Ten year old Ben Tennyson may be small, but his balanced speed, power, and range make up for it.

Stats Speed: 3/5

Power: 4/5

Air: 2/5

Range: 4/5



Air Neutral:
Air Side:
Air Up:
Air Down:

Special MovesEdit

Neutral: Wildvine
Side: XLR8
Up: Heatblast
Down: Cannonbolt

Punch Time Explosion: He transforms to Four Arms and viciously rips a bus in half and throws one piece left and the other right very deadly.

Synergy: Schnitzel from "Chowder". Young Ben turns into 4 arms picks up Schnitzel and Throws him!


Born in December, 1996.

He seems to be stronger than [teen] Ben.

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