Assist characters are called to the stage when a player grabs the Summon Cube. Unlike Super Smash Bros., where many of them are from obscure/unpopular games that weren't able to merit a playable one, they are all characters from shows the playable ones are from.

These are as FollowsEdit

Cheese (Foster's Home) Goes around screaming

Coco (Foster's Home) Lays eggs

Dee Dee (Dexter) Dances

Dracula ( Grim Adventures ) Starts a dance party making characters dance

Eduardo (Foster's Home) Runs around trying to hug everyone

Fred FredBurger ( Grim Adventures) Runs around trying to hit people with his frying pan

Fuzzy Lumpkins ( Powerpuff Girls) Shoots people with his meat gun turning them into meat

Gazpacho (Chowder) Throws pickles everywhere that heal You

General Skarr (Grim Adventures) Has his army of tanks come and try to KO you

Gwen Tennyson(Ben 10) Sheilds the character that summons her

Madame Foster (Foster's Home) Imaginary Friends chase her, damaging foes.

Major Glory (Dexter) Freezes other characters and flies away.

Mandark (Dexter) Goes around shooting lasers

Mung Daal (Chowder) Falls and leaves food that can heal you

Numbah 2( Kids Next Door) Goes on a plane from the show flying across the screen twice

Numbah 4 ( Kids Next Door) Does a series of punches and kickes.

Panini (Chowder) She latches on a random character that reverse there controls.

Schnitzel (Chowder) When hit he'll wobble in place and cause damage (like Wobbuffet From Smash Melee And Brawl)

Stickybeard ( Kids Next Door) He will get a giant cannon that will hurt anyone and fires a giant gumball.

Val Hallen (Dexter) He fires lightning his guitar everywhere

Vreedle Brothers (Ben 10) They fire their guns everywhere hurting everyone

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